Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 2

Your point

To "Right route," I hear your point. And, your point about 30th Avenue has more commercial properties now than residences. That can truly be said about U.S. 49, which is a main highway. It can take it. Let them both take the load, not just one. It's called even playing field.

Two wrongs. . .

Thank you, "Take it to the limit." You hit the nail on the head with the simplest of words. The problem is not the driver observing the speed limits; it is those thinking they are above the law. Everyone moves over for emergency vehicles, law enforcement and likewise upon observing "emergency flashers" (provided for such an occasion) of an approaching vehicle.


The new signs at the end of 110 are misleading and dozens of people are doing dangerous U-Turns. What was wrong with U.S. 90 east Ocean Springs and U.S. 90 west Keesler? Downtown Biloxi and Keesler is confusing given the right exit unique clover leaf.

Move over

Look it up! In Mississippi and many other states the law requires the slower-moving vehicles to move right "regardless" of the speed of the traffic.

Speed kills!

It is against the law to shoot someone, but driving in the left lane at the speed limit doesn't hurt anyone except speeders who want to break the law. Both are illegal, but remember, speed kills.

Broad view

Please remember that this is also a tourist area and many drivers traveling east, for example, will need to turn left. Street and business signs sometimes are difficult to see from the right lane. Switching to the left lane in traffic is also difficult, but many of the local drivers are courteous when they see a left-turn signal from a car in the right lane. Try to see driving from several perspectives.

Touching gesture

I was in Winn Dixie in Long Beach on a recent Monday night around 7:15 p.m., paying for my purchases at the service desk, when a young man about 16 or 17 years old with kind of long, dark hair came up to the counter with a bouquet of flowers. Sounding concerned, he said to the girl behind the counter, "Do you think my grandmother would like these?" She replied, "Well, I know I would." This young man probably does not read Sound Off, but I hope his grandmother or someone else in his family does and recognizes him. In a time when many young people his age are so wrapped up in themselves, it is refreshing to witness such a kind gesture taking place. It made my day.