Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 1


The capture of sailors "straying" into Iranian waters and the recent "hovering" over an aircraft carrier by a supposedly unarmed Iranian drone gives cause to question the competence of U.S. Navy commanders in the area.

No fun

Thank you, Mr. Hood, for taking away one of the few joys I have. I hope you are happy that I cannot place my $3 fantasy sports wager.

Duke it out?

Jan. 30, 1798, saw the first fight between House members whenRep. Matthew Lyon and Rep. Roger Griswold had a physical disagreement. Perhaps they were arguing about 'Wally World.' Maybe we need a physical brawl in Congress today between a Democrat and a Republican, then something might get done that would be beneficial to the American people.

Courtesy first

Eratus Wiman wrote, "Nothing is ever lost by courtesy. It is the cheapest of pleasures, costs nothing and conveys much." Perhaps we should think of this as we are driving or doing anything else. No guns, no knives, no burglaries, no stealing, no murders, just being courteous and thinking of others before ourselves!

Right route

In response to "Road rights," I am not asking the city to change anything. I am merely asking them to use a road that has already been designated as a truck route. Until several years ago, there was a sign on U.S. 49 with an error pointing to 30th Avenue that said "truck route." That road has more commercial properties now than residences, and the roadway is much wider than the one through the center of town.

Pattern continues

Lest we forget, Hillary Clinton said she had no classified emails on her computer, but the Obama administration confirmed her server contained closely guarded government secrets. One must think what a great time the media would have if Trump's computer had the same. Something is not right here, it seems to be downplayed. The pattern continues.

Take it to the limit

To "Move it Over," if you are passing someone who is doing the speed limit then you are breaking the law! Six of one, half dozen of another! Look up the definition of 'limit' sometime!

Exercise your rights

To right about guns, you are right, you do have the right to bear arms. So gather up your buddies and all your muskets and start a militia.

Orchid help

To the lady that asked about orchid pots and supplies, if you will contact me at 539-8084, I have everything you need and I will be more than happy to share and help you with your orchid.