Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 30

Off my chest

Blah blah blah! Trump! Blah blah blah, left lane. Blah blah blah, Canal Road. Thanks. I feel better now.

Stop it

Can we please stop with the "left-lane" redundancy? Give it a rest people.

Wind will never . . .

Wind or solar power will never get an airliner off the ground, a train down the tracks, or an 18-wheeler down the highway.

Give a listen

Bowie fans looking for new music might want to check out Speeder.

Much ado . . .

I really do not understand why so much is made of the Iowa caucus. The winner never gets the nomination.

Big difference

There is a vast difference between wanting to build a casino and actually building it. Just ask the city of Gulfport and Donald Trump.

Donald Gump

Hello my name is Donald, Donald Trump. Life is like a box of chocolates. Mama always said I could be president.

Move over!

Road Rage can be very dangerous. Common sense should prevail. If you are driving in the left lane and have cars lining up behind you and there is open road ahead, move over to the right lane. Avoid road rage!

Gun control

I have a few proposals for gun control. Make registered gun owners responsible for all crimes committed with their guns. All stolen guns must be reported immediately. If a crime is committed with your gun before it is reported, you are responsible. If you have a second gun stolen in a separate incident, you are responsible. A person in possession of an unregistered gun will receive seven years in federal prison. A person who commits a crime with an unregistered gun shall receive a minimum of 20 years in federal prison. Absolutely positively no exceptions period. This should ensure people take the responsibility of gun ownership seriously.


With all the back-and-forth comments about who is breaking the law by driving in the left-hand lane, one significant point has been overlooked, safety. I prefer to drive the interstate with some space between my car and others. When someone insists on driving the left lane in spite of faster drivers, it causes traffic to back up in groups so that now we are driving 70 mph with little response time in case of a need to brake. Be reasonable, there are people who are going to drive faster than the posted speed limit, including police cars not in pursuit. Why not stay in the right lane and let them go, rather than exercise your right to be there and cause traffic to bunch all around you. To me, it's a no brainier.