Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 29

Good job!

While the other New Orleans' TV stations fiddled, Channel 6 did an outstanding job of covering the Canal Street fire on Wednesday morning.

Be nice

State law mandates that "Slower traffic keep right" but more importantly is common courtesy. Courtesy goes a long way toward making traffic flow smoothly and reducing stress during an important part of our day. Stop the left lane arrogance and be nice.

Not confusing

Dear Confused, What part of "Slower Traffic Keep Right" do you not understand?

Stay right

Mississippi, like most other states, follows the Uniform Vehicle Code and requires drivers that are slower than the normal flow of traffic to stay to the right.

The way it is

No, the law in Mississippi is "don't exceed the posted speed limit." Don't speed, and you won't roar up behind someone who is doing the speed limit in the left lane. Now, how hard is that to understand?

Speed limits

"The law": I am tired of a law being quoted by people who have no intention of following any traffic law. The law is Pass Road, 35 mph. The law is U.S. 90, 45 mph. That is even on the stretch between Cowan and Debuys roads where motorists are going 60 to 70 mph.

Perils of the right lane

To the folks commuting on Pass Road I apologize for not getting over in the right lane. Pass Road is a joke of engineering. Manhole covers every 200 or so feet and none of those are a smooth transition. Until the cities get together and work on the right lane I'm afraid I'm going to have to break the law.

Truck time

If you're looking to purchase a new vehicle, I recommend buying one with a truck frame. Buying a high-end vehicle to travel the Mississippi roads is a mistake. Your nice vehicle will be a piece of junk in no time.

Stop speeding

The law in Mississippi is also that you are not to drive faster than the posted speed limit. How hard is that to understand? Can't all you lawbreakers driving in left lanes and/or speeding down our roads just chill, get along with each other, and enjoy life on our beautiful Mississippi Coast?

Truck rout, please

Gulfport leaders must stop the large number of 18 wheelers from traveling through downtown via U.S. 49 in order to reach their destination. I realize that there will be some local deliveries, but many years ago there was a truck route by which trucks would exit U.S. 49 west on 25th Street and then take 30th Avenue to U.S. 90 and the pier. Downtown looks great, but it's not going to take long before the larger trucks begin to tear up the roadway.