Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 28

Test drive

Thinking of buying a used car or truck? Want to test it out? Drive it south on Canal Road from Mississippi 53 to Landon Road. If it doesn't fall apart (which it probably will), then you've got a very durable truck or car. Buy it. It will be eligible to be entered in the 2016 Baja 500. While you are at the Baja you may find our supervisors driving around. They're certainly not having to drive down Canal Road, or it would be fixed by now.


If Mr. I-10 driver is doing the speed limit then he is the faster traffic. Anyone trying to pass him is breaking the law.

First priority

Attention newly elected Harrison County Supervisors. You have taken on the responsibility for maintaining the roads of your respective districts, all of which are in deplorable condition. Your first priority should be to fix them, beginning with the much-traveled and most-deplorable Canal Road.

Once is enough

We have lived in Diamondhead nearly 20 years and have had once-weekly garbage pickup the entire time. It is more than sufficient. Biloxi, and, for that matter, all of Harrison County, should consider doing the same. It would be a tremendous cost savings.

Trouble with Donald

Poor Donald. He can dish it out, but he just can't take it.

Big difference

There is a vast different between wanting to build a casino and actually building it. Just ask D'Iberville.

Poor Donald

The poor Donald. So frightened of little blonde Megyn Kelly, he refuses to go to the debate. Poor little baby. What's he gonna do if he gets the nomination against Hillary? Ditch those debates, too?


Let me get this right. If someone is doing the legal speed limit in the left lane and if there's someone wanting to go faster than that person, then that person is in the wrong if they don't let the speeder go by? What kind of twisted convoluted logic is that? Only in Mississippi.

Lights, please!

Popp's Ferry Road is one of the most busiest main thoroughfares in Biloxi -- and very dangerous at night. Street lighting is poor and worse yet, the road markings are worn and clearly in need of re-painting.