Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 27

In agreement

I agree Canal Road is in horrible shape and needs to be improved to accommodate the volume of traffic.

Must see

I strongly encourage every clear-headed American to go see "13 Hours." It is a sleeper of a movie not endearing to those who blindly support the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations. Guaranteed to make your blood boil.


We have a moderately autistic son who was working with Goodwill. Saw an ad for a part-time dishwasher at Lil Ray's in Gulfport. David Kidd interviewed my son, hired him and he worked there for three years. He was very well-trained. We moved from Gulfport to Biloxi, and since our son only rides a bicycle, we had to look for work in Biloxi. Applied at Treasure Bay Casino. He's been with them for about 11 years. He's very well treated there and if I'm not mistaken they have more than one handicapable worker. Kudos to Lil Ray's and Treasure Bay. We appreciate you!

There's a device for that

As a retired security company CEO, I would like to make business owners and others such as schools and banks aware of a product that could have prevented recent senseless shootings like that of the gun shop owner and his son. There is a product called security smoke/fog that, when activated will fill an entire room with a blinding non-toxic smoke literally within five or six seconds which will totally confuse an aggressor or burglar to the point they run. Had that device been activated when the confrontation turned physical, two people might be alive today.

What about this?

Trash removal costs, going up? Think about the poor people in Flint, Mich., who pay for contaminated water bringing lead poisoning to their children. Now they have bottled water to drink, but they still have to wash dishes, clothes and bathe in cloudy, smelly water coming through contaminated pipes.

It's the law!

To start off, the law in Mississippi is "slower traffic keep right." That means if you are doing the speed limit, going faster, or going much faster, if someone pulls up behind you, you are supposed to move over and let them pass on the left. Now, how hard is that to understand? After they pass, and you want to move back in the left lane, please do so, but when someone else comes up behind you, what are you supposed to do? Move over and let them pass.