Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 26


Mississippians who need help now have three months to get a job or starve. Good luck in Mississippi's economy where there are few jobs available. Jesus had pity for the poor. Never did he say "get a job." Yet many Bible Belt Republicans say just that, even though Jesus said not to judge others.

Not a qualification

I looked it up. Turns out that being a celebrity doesn't make you an expert, on anything.

Breaking the law

So, Mr. I-10 driver, if you remain in the left-lane, blocking faster traffic, you are breaking the law.

What a waste

So the going rate for a human life is now $25. What a sad, unfortunate way to go. You build your life, grow a family and in the heat of anger, you're gone. The depreciation and often callous disregard for the miracle of life is truly mind-boggling.

Here's an idea

Discuss this, Biloxi City Council: Instead of raising the residential garbage pickup fee 30 percent as proposed for 2016, and 60 percent by 2018, from $10 to $16 per month, I suggest reducing the fee by 30 percent immediately, and then by 60 percent in 2018, while simultaneously reducing pickups from four weekly (two trash, 1 recycle, one large items). If that proves untenable to our current contractor, start a bidding process to get a new contractor.

History lesson

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. That saying came to mind as I read the latest proclamation by Mr. Trump. The one about maintaining his supporters even if he "shot somebody on Fifth Avenue." Former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards also came to mind. I remembered him saying he would win reelection, "unless he was caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl." Didn't he wind up in jail?

See Saw Law?

I agree, the speeders along U.S. 90 are completely out of hand. Let's enforce the speed limit laws temporarily designating the fines for state education. Could be called, "The See Saw Law:" Lowering life-threatening offenses/raising educational qualities. By the time this situation is brought under control, our schools should have a sound foundation and voters will have had time to elect educational-minded leaders.

Don't delay

As someone who travels Canal Road north from Landon Road daily, I have to agree with the other writers about the condition of the road. This is a very highly traveled road that will only get busier as a lot of new homes are being built. 10th street was blacktopped last year, and it doesn't get the traffic Canal does. I understand the price tag will be very high, but the longer the waits the higher the cost will be.