Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 25

Let them eat cake

I can appreciate the skeptical attitude of those who are fully employed and healthy regarding the lazy who live off government programs, like my son who is 42, strong and healthy except for being mentally ill since the age of 21. He has been homeless several times in several states when off his government-supplied medication and not housed in publicly supported apartments when they are available. Nobody will hire him because of his transient history and his need for medication. Despite two years of college and attempted training programs, he can't qualify for food assistance because he can't hold a job. So why shouldn't he stay at home with his 76- and 80-year-old parents? They both worked all their lives so they could receive government Social Security. They couldn't save enough for one of those investment accounts because they were trying to help their son. It's time for them to pay back! Yes, public assistance is for the slackers. Let them eat cake!


The truth is very simple, Palazzo is a Tea Party puppet. He doesn't care if his rant is true or not only if it's what the Tea Party wants. This insures that he gets reelected and retires very well off.

Send a letter

The Harrison County supervisors do not operate according to Sound Off. If you want to start a writing campaign, write to: Harrison County Supervisors, Harrison County Courthouse, Gulfport, Mississippi, 39501.

No bad guys

Gun shop shootout leaves 2 dead. No bad guys were involved. Besides the two dead good guys, two other good guys were airlifted to hospital with life-threatening gunshot wounds.

Orchid needs

I have one beautiful orchid that I received as a gift and it is about to bloom for the second time. I cannot find orchid fertilizer or orchid potting soil. I will soon need to repot it into a larger pot, and I cannot find the special multi-hole pots. Can someone please tell me where I can buy these items: special pots, orchid soil and fertilizer? Thank you.