Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 22

Why is this?

Ever wonder why the talking heads in the media tell us the reason oil is now $30 a barrel is because of the free market forces of supply and demand, yet when it's $100 a barrel the cause is the greedy oil companies are manipulating the price for their own gain?


Go, Biloxi. Spend all our money downtown. Give tax breaks. Then turn around and raise residents' water and trash bills. Hope you're proud of yourselves.

Cruz's doppleganger

To the person who wrote in about Ted Cruz looking like Pugsley on the show "The Addams Family": While there is a resemblance, who he really looks like is Mr. Haney on "Green Acres."

Get out of the way

Dear left-lane drivers: Move over! You are not supposed to drive slower than everyone else while staying in the left lane.

Not fair

An affair by a husband or wife should not be called an "affair" because an "affair" is not fair to the other husbands and wives who do not participate. It should be called an "unffair."


I want to thank the Sun Herald for printing Palazzo's explanation of his actions. His actions represent predominately conservative South Mississippi.

Fix this

Please fix Canal Road. Will someone please, please, please repave, or even redo, the whole road, from John Clark Road south to the railroad tracks, which is worse than you could possibly imagine unless you have to drive on it? All you politicians who are responsible for this sort of thing just ride up and down it for a day or two, and we will all get it fixed real soon. It is a shame for such a public, very used road to be in such horrible condition.

No interest?

Read with interest Patrick Ochs' article about Myles Brennan. How does a player who has led his team to the state championship game twice (with a third not out of the question) not generate interest from the colleges in state? Come on Hugh, Dan and Todd. There are players south of I-20 and the land between Alabama and Louisiana. Do any of you recall the name Brett Favre?

Under God?

I have lived in the USA for 77 years. I have seen its ups and downs. The time we are going through now is a downer to me. We have moved away for God as seen in our political correctness. It seems we are not allowed to offend anyone except God. If this time is the "new normal" you obviously don't know what "normal" should be. The U.S. was founded under God and under God, it will flourish again.