Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 19

Proud of president

I'm so proud of our President. Despite the lies, vulgarities, arrows that fly by day, and the other relentless garbage being thrown at him, he conducts himself with dignity and integrity. Despite the solid opposition he faces in Congress by those who will do anything to prevent him from succeeding -- he succeeds.

Can't do it

In response to using Casino revenue to offset water and garbage fees. Every water system has to be self sufficient; the end users must pay all cost to operate the water treatment facilities. Cities cannot pay for increases out of their general fund, whichwould include Casino revenue.

Read the roll

Do any of you Republicans read Roll Call in this paper? In Sunday's paper your GOP representatives voted against two clean-water bills while the Democrat voted for them. If you read Roll Call regularly, you will see that your GOP representatives do not vote to help we the people. Please pay attention to Roll Call. You will get an eyefull.

On the road

It never ceases to amaze me when there is a large road construction project that they come in and tear up everything then disappear. Why can't they do it is smaller areas at a time and concentrate all their resources till its done then move to next area. Makes more sense to me.

TNT Ranch works

I was pleased to read the article in Sunday's paper regarding the building of new facilities at the TNT Ranch in Gulfport. Mr. Stapleton has always been in the business of helping veterans and those with addictions. Before retiring from the VA, he assisted me and others with taking just about anyone we referred to him for counseling and shelter, whether or not the person could afford it. His ranch is truly a good, Christian place and warrants all donations possible.

Thanks for Flashback

Wanted to send a thank you to Murella Powell and her Flashback articles in the Sunday papers. Being a native Biloxian I am always interested in the photographs and history behind that particular photo. I always learn something new and for that I am grateful. The history not only of Biloxi but the entire Coast is something that should not be forgotten and I am happy that the Sun Herald thinks the same. Kudos to you Ms. Powell.

Slippery oil

A couple of years ago, according to the financial gurus, the high price of oil was horrible for our markets. Now the price of oil is low, and the financial gurus are saying that the low price of oil is killing our markets. Can't be both.