Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 6


You know the glory days are over when China eats too fast, and your stock market hiccups.

No 'moderates'

To me, the phrases "moderate" Muslim and "moderate" Christian are oxymorons. A person of any faith who is "moderate" is not practicing his faith as he should.

My wish

My wish is for the money Trump is planning to use for the Great Wall of Trump could be diverted to repairing Canal Road potholes and many other roads around the Gulf Coast.

Spill money to spill sites

Um, why should we have to ask for 80 percent of the oil spill money? Isn't it just common sense to think we'd get 100 percent? What am I missing here?

Not American enough

I've been trying to be an angry citizen, like so many of my neighbors. However, it's just not working. I've become pretty cynical, but alas, very little anger. I guess I'm just not American enough.

Not the issue

Replying to "Every right." There was never an issue with protesters on private property. That is not what the person was relating to. The person didn't want the protesters to assemble across the highway and protest at all.

Time for change

Many people try to dismiss the followers of Mr. Trump as being "low-information voters." Maybe they are just tired of politicians and where they have gotten us. If the world is a mess, it is because of the "status quo" politicians. It is time for a change.

Fix this

Ever since the powers that be blocked off the entrance from Broad Avenue into the Family Dollar Store at West Railroad Street, entrance and exit from the store has proven dangerous. People often almost sideswipe each other's cars, and there are deep potholes in the parking lot drivers cannot see when water covers the parking lot. Something should be done about this as soon as possible.

Public safety?

On two occasions I have witnessed vehicles running red lights. One was an 18-wheeler at U.S. 49 and Mississippi 53. Today, at the same intersection it was an SUV. What makes me even more upset is a Harrison County patrol car was at the same intersection on both occasions and did nothing. I guess public safety isn't really public safety.

Public vs. private

If protesters were on Coliseum property, legally they could have been removed. From news reports and talking to someone there, it seems to me the protesters were on public property and almost all of them were on the south side of U.S. 90. If they were orderly then there is no way their legal right to be there can be taken away.