Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 5

Not a fan

I'm not a fan of fireworks, especially at 4 a.m. when some inconsiderate person is still playing with them in my neighborhood.

Video star

Donald John Trump: Al-Shabab video star. Recipient of the "Hillary Told You So" award. Head full of knuckles. You're fired!

Reality check

Dear Trump Supporters: Do you realize that Trump cannot do most of the stuff he claims he will because both Houses of Congress have to approve it first?

Public vs. private

A writer referenced the Coliseum as private property where freedom of assembly could be restricted. Wasn't this facility built, expanded and operated with public funds?

Put old school to good use

Homeless veterans are in need of shelter in freezing or other inclement weather. There is a beautiful school on Iris in Biloxi. It's abandoned, so rent it or buy it from the school district. Plenty of rooms, bathrooms, kitchen facilities. Don't just let it sit there all lonely after taking care of so many children for so long. And thanks for finally resurfacing Camellia Street.

Weather is not climate

Most people understand weather is not the same thing as climate. Weather is the daily condition of the atmosphere. Climate is the generally prevailing weather conditions averaged over years. Predicting rain tomorrow morning in Biloxi is totally different than predicting the Arctic ice will melt in 100 years. Weather forecasters cannot predict the weather precisely, but they can do a pretty darn good job. Climatologists cannot predict the climate perfectly, but they also can do a pretty darn good job. It is sad some people don't understand the difference.

Unsettling noise

"No fireworks," oh how I agree with you. Have written Sound Offs for years regarding the nuisance, and it goes on and on in Long Beach also. We had a loving dog that developed such a complex of nerves from the bangs and rumbles that we found it necessary to locate her to a new home, away from our inconsiderate neighbors. We can no longer go out New Year's Eve, Fourth of July, etc., in order to protect our new pets. Even inside the sounds are tormenting to their ears and very stressful emotionally. Our dogs were out last night, as nature called, and you got it: bang, bang, and this goes on for days following an event.