Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 4

No fireworks

Why does Biloxi have a law against fireworks when they sell them in city limits? My neighbors and I called police five times New Year's Eve between 7:30 and 1 a.m. Not one response. Our pets still don't want to go out.

Every right

The management of the Coliseum has every right to restrict protesters at the Trump event. While the right to free speech is golden, the right to freedom of assembly does not extend to private property.

Checked power

Presidential action to use an executive order to fix a loophole in the law, despite to noble purpose which I wholeheartedly support, is wrong. By defining the purpose as a correction to existing law, the president has established that this matter falls squarely within the domain of the legislative branch where laws, both making and repairing, are the sole responsibility of Congress.

Where to donate

Is there anywhere in the Gulf Coast area, other than the well-known ones, that takes used clothing and distributes them to the needy?


Great game, Ole Miss! Surprised Mayor Landrieu let the Rebels in his politically correct city.


The most heavily armed demographic in the world filled the Coliseum last night to hear a xenophobic message, delivered with low information by the no-policy candidate, and they loved it. Predictable.


The recent remarks by a Jackson Councilman calling for violence against the police is a prime example of why Mississippi is perceived to be dead last in so many ways. The thought that a leader would make those kind of inflammatory comments is unbelievable.

Across the board

Trump proves that the chemistry of the low-information voter demographic is not determined by income.

All hat, no cattle

Did anybody notice how windy it was last night? Especially around the Coliseum. Lots of talk, not a lot of content. Trump's habit of asking the audience if they agree with him seems like a time filler. It's the old salesman's trick of getting agreement then closing the sale. If you aren't part of the solution, you're the problem.

Good news

Thank goodness there is still one bright spot of good news in our paper. The Education Notebook gives me hope for the future of our young adults. Thank you Sun Herald for sharing some good news.