Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 2

Protesters not the problem

To Thursday's "No protesters" Sound Off. Protesters aren't the problem that would ruin our state. It's our being last in everything good, first in everything bad. It's poor education funding, health care, teen pregnancy, infrastructure, poor earning wages, etc. These are the things that have Mississippi looking bad. Protesters had nothing to do with these things, but the governor and legislators do. Protesters have legal rights to protest peacefully. Let's pray the other side is peaceful.

It's our constitutional right

Re: the Sound Off that declared protests against Donald Trump should not be allowed. I am amazed a U.S. citizen could be so ignorant. The right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech are very, very specifically guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. Perhaps the person who wrote that is offended only by freedom of assembly and speech that does not agree with their opinion.

Wrong ups and downs

Obama's presidency has had a lot of ups and downs: student loans, food stamps, federal debt, money printing and health insurance costs are up. Labor force participation, workers' share of economy, median family income and home ownership are down. All of these ups and downs are downers for our economy. Are these the "changes" we were "hoping" for?

Mute Finebaum

I watched the Alabama vs. Michigan State Cotton Bowl with the sound muted to keep from listening to Paul Finebaum and his buddies jabbering about everything but the game and no play by play. In my opinion, having them on and switching to them at every opportunity was a colossal mistake.

What's the fallout?

Sky lanterns seem like a great way to celebrate New Year's Eve. But I wonder where the lanterns go. Are they absorbed into the atmosphere or do they fall into the water, harming our greatest resources? Maybe they fall to the ground and disintegrate -- or do they pollute the environment? Just askin'.

Ridiculous comparison

To the person who thinks protesters shouldn't be allowed at the Trump rally -- the freedom to peacefully protest is our right. And to equate the Trump rally to spring break is absolutely ridiculous. Spring breakers are not running for the presidency of our country. I only wish I weren't working and could attend.

Stitch up that loophole

I'm happy to hear the president will put an end to the gun-show loophole where crazy and unstable people can buy, with no background check, large weapons good only for killing people. I am sure all the good Republicans will not like this, but I remember all the little children who were gunned down by a crazy man at Sandy Hook school.