Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 3

It's OK to disagree

Our constitution guarantees freedom of speech for everyone, regardless of their point of view. The very basis of our country's democracy is based on this premise. Almost every day there is some kind of protest along the fence in front of the White House. These protests range from the far left to the far right, from popular causes to the obscure, with a smattering of people some would call "just nuts." What they have in common is they are all part of the fabric of our nation. Truly supporting freedom of speech means supporting the right of those you may disagree with, or think are plain crazy, to espouse their point of view even if it makes you cringe.

Two Fridays, no pickup

We need a new garbage-pickup service in Biloxi, or someone needs to wake up. Waste Pro didn't pick up Friday garbage on Christmas Day or on New Year's Day either. Two weeks in a row they missed the Friday garbage pickup. Garbage is piled up on streets and sides of houses. This cannot be sanitary.

Not a gun show purchase

Regarding the gun-show loophole: The gun used by the shooter at Sandy Hook was not bought at a gun show. Therefore, closing that loophole would not have prevented this shooting by a crazy person. I am sure all the good Democrats will not like this, but I remember the shooting too.

Steered clear of Katrina

Paul Hampton's article really reinforced my support of Donald Trump by showing how savvy, smart and lucky he is by staying out of Mississippi at that time. In case you didn't notice, every area you spoke of was wiped out in 2005.

The 411 on sky lanterns

A recent comment asked where sky lanterns go. When I first became aware of them, I did some research. It depends on how the lantern is made as to how environmentally friendly it is. The paper is supposed to break down, but if the lantern is held together by wire, the wire will rust and will not go away for many years. That would contribute to pollution. Some are now being made with rope rather than wire. There is also a danger of the paper catching fire if the wind blows it sideways. Although sky lanterns are popular, those who use them should be aware of the dangers.

Protest is a protected right

Everyone in this country has the constitutional right to protest. We cannot use any excuse to keep people from protesting. I am sure this protest has been given the OK from the city of Biloxi as long as it is safe and orderly.

Ways to have fewer DUIs

If Mississippi would enforce the Dram Shop Law, verify that all servers (bartenders) were trained and licensed to serve alcohol and that establishments have liability insurance, DUIs would certainly drop.