Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 1

Clean the beach

Will the Sand Beach Department ever clean the dead fish, snakes and birds off the beach in Pass Christian? I walk the beach most every day, and it hasn't been cleaned in the Pass since the red tide started. It is a health hazard and very smelly.

Apples and oranges

Re: "How can we predict climate change," Letter to the Editor, Dec. 30: We can predict global warming, because it is man-made, as extensive data proves. We cannot predict the path of hurricanes accurately because they are driven by nature's winds. To compare the two is specious. Dr. Richard Lindzen represents less than 1 percent of climate scientists. Eight-seven percent agree it's man-made and 2-plus percent say probably or maybe.


Thumbs up to Biloxi's mayor and City Council for rejecting these 100 percent tax incentives to new commercial developments in the city. Biloxi has too many local businesses that are still recovering from Katrina, the BP oil spill and this never-ending local recession that must pay 100 percent of city taxes to allow like-new businesses the competitive edge of a tax-free advantage.

Welcome, Trump!

Donald Trump is handling the cost of his coliseum visit. Then lets respect him. Have him enjoy our beautiful Gulf Coast without protesters. After all, he was at one time interested in putting a casino here. It could happen again when he notices all the buildings. Maybe he'd buy White Pillars and get it open. I'd love to see someone open it. It is a place of history to our area.