Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 30


OK. Let me get this straight. It was against the law and irresponsible for a cat/pet owner to let their pet "run at large" (which just happened to be in its own yard). But it is acceptable for coyotes to come onto private property to attack and maim for protein. Oh, how "neighborly."

Do something

I believe the news stated a coyote was on the property of the person who owned the cat that was attacked. Therefore the cat was on its owner's property at the time of the attack. What would you say to people who have had coyotes jumping their fences to attack their dogs? Something needs to be done about these coyotes before they start attacking children.

No problem

I lived in East Biloxi until six months ago. Never had a problem finding a grocery store. The one on Porter has been there for 50 years. There is one on Division Street. There is a dollar store also; several right across bridge in D'Iberville. There is not enough population to support another one. People are leaving that area because of all the road destruction if they can. I did.

Too early

In my area, Monday is the day for pickup of household trash and recyclable items curbside. Are people really that far out of touch with reality that they place boxes, (plastic foam) packing, paper items and recycle bins overflowing out on the curb Sunday night, knowing violent weather is approaching? The street looked like a tornado had come through Monday morning.