Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 7


Why is it the Republicans in Washington are voting to repeal Obamacare for the umpteenth time? Why aren't they working on jobs, infrastructure, equal pay, etc.? I know why! President Obama had something to do with it.

Right again

Political editor Paul Hampton, as usual, has the details correct. The short version is that our state doesn't have the social/cultural infrastructure to attract those persons and things needed to pull us up by the bootstraps. Simultaneously, we have a conservative political structure whose fantasy is that we can be a first-world state, with third-world social/cultural resources. The kind of thinking we need, to get from here to there, is moribund among conservatives.


Making good people defenseless will not make bad people harmless.


As the great economist Thomas Sowell said, "exactly what is your fair share of what someone else has worked for?" That's exactly the counterpunch to the socialism espoused by Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. With their greedy, rich, privileged hands, they want to take away from someone else and distribute to others. Not their money, but mine or yours.

Our fury

The FBI seems perplexed that ISIS has not taken credit for the California massacre. They should not be surprised. ISIS took credit for the Paris massacre and the French unleashed all of their fury on occupied Syria. They cannot afford to have all of OUR fury unleashed on them!

Election shenanigans

It's what went on before the drawing of straws that prompted the appealing process to be pursued. Counting votes in the dead of night without all parties present is a no-no! That is why procedures are in place to protect ALL candidates. Shenanigans are just as prevalent on the local level as the national stage.

Cause or result

How do you solve a problem? Focus on the result or the cause? Correct answer is, the cause. So, the next questions is, what is the cause of the shootings in the U.S.? If you answered guns, you answered incorrectly. The cause varies from domestic violence, suicide and most significantly, terrorists. Treating those needing medical help, education and other reasonable remedies should help reduce the number of deaths. As for terrorists, they will always find a way to kill anyone opposed to their radical beliefs. Focus on the cause!