Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 5

The best QB?

Dak? He is the 3rd best quarterback in the state. Chad Kelly & Nick Mullens both have better stats and more wins. I realize Kelly is a junior but the Conerly Trophy is for the best. He wasn't even the best at his position. Treadwell is a finalist for the best receiver in the nation and Mullens led USM to a complete turnaround after the previous disaster.

A geography lesson

Approximately 60 percent of the population in Hancock County lives north of Interstate 10. The Hancock County Library System recently closed one library north of I-10 and now operates 3 libraries, all of which are about 5 miles south of I-10, and only one library that's 5 miles north of I-10. Does anyone see a problem with that configuration?

How to reduce crime

This is in reference to the saggy pants issue in Gautier. There are several things to consider. One, who wants to relocate their business or what view does it create when you see people walking around town with their underwear showing? Two, years ago it was proven that to reduce crime you have to start with the small stuff. Broken windows and graffiti were the starting point in New York City and it does reduce crime in an area. Gulfport and the entire coast have a problem with people not stopping for red lights. Once people get used to running red lights and they think they can get away that, they realize no one is going to stop them so they try something else. From there it starts a snowball effect. "Nip it in the bud" and everyone is better off.

Check out dollar stores

To the person looking for Christmas cards, dollar stores are a good place to look for and usually find Christmas cards. I seem to find them in the smaller stores and usually they are less expensive also.

Who should pay?

Southern Co. and their stockholders should be accountable for Kemper.