Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 1


Top 15 has four Big Ten Teams and one SEC team. Who would ever think that this was possible?

Riddle for you

Why are climate change deniers like the Roman emperor Nero? Because the environment is burning while they fiddle around.


I was a friend of the artist Bill Johnson who had the cat in Biloxi whose descendants are now in danger. I know he would be very grateful to the people who are working so hard to save the cats. Thank you for your kindness.

Anyone seen my Saints?

I left church in a hurry to watch the Saints game, but all I saw was a team playing Houston with the quarterback getting sacked and had trouble connecting with his receiver. If anyone knows where the Saints are playing would you let me know?

Feral cats

It is the responsibility for humans to step in and help with spay and neuter. Not only for feral cats but also pets (even male cats). All of the cats in downtown Biloxi have been spayed and neutered. Therefore, they will not reproduce. They are trying to live out their lives. If someone is seeing cats jumping in and out of dumpsters maybe there is a mouse in there.

Elect a leader

Response to "some choice" in Sunday: You are looking at the Republican poll and should also include the Democrat poll -- one candidate that is "not trusted" or "considered honest" and one that would like to turn the United States into a Socialist country . . . I would say there is not much to choose from in either party. However, we are not near the end of this election. Hopefully, we will see the grown ups come up in the primaries. We need a strong leader to deal with the problems of the world and to return the United States back to the country it has been and can be in the future. This election should not be about party but about leadership.