Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 30

Aid to Jordan

Jordan already has provided refuge for over a million Syrian refugees. I think we should help Jordan with money and supplies to accommodate the Syrian refugees destined for Europe and the U.S. Provide them a comfortable refuge while they wait to return home instead of subjecting them to a change of culture and climate.

Year-round Christmas

Happy to know another out there keeps Christmas going all year. I have for many years. I kept my big tree up for three years then put it at my mom's place. She loved looking at toys/lights; it gave her joy. As a child she didn't know about Christmas. For two years it stayed up for her to look at before her passing. I still cry thinking about it. I have small trees, can't replace a memory like that. Miss you mom! To all: keep love in your heart and mind. Merry Christmas.

Spay and neuter

It is a known and proven Fact that one female mother cat can be responsible for up to 57,000 off-spring, so the SPCA is correct in wanting to spay and neuter all the feral cats and let them become mousers. When I drive in downtown Biloxi I see at least six cats each time, jumping out of trash bins, sitting on cars, etc. They need to be caught and fixed for their own health and the environment!

Americans first

I'm so proud of our governor and other states who are taking a stand against refugees coming into our space. That's not saying I don't think refugees need help, outside of our borders. To the ones who are embarrassed of governor, how many refugees or our own homeless would you take in? We can't take care of our own. Taking in refugees would be like parents who keep having babies they can't afford.

Rule suggestion

Football would be much simpler to follow if the whole body had to pass the first down marker and cross over the goal line. Faster also.


Strange. The people telling us it's our "Christian duty" to take in the Syrian refugees are, for the most part, the same ones we always hear yelling "separation of church and state." Hypocritical much?

New friends

Look out Jason! I suspect you're going to have a lot more "friends" after that front-page article!