Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 27

Let's get real

I'll worry about which of 10,000 M&Ms are poison when such a threat actually occurs in the real world. Meanwhile, you need a more plausible excuse for your xenophobia. The Syrian refugees are not terrorists; they're trying to escape the very terrorism you're so afraid of. The Paris terrorists were neither Syrians nor refugees, but either citizens or legal residents of France and Belgium.

Top priority

One of the first items on the incoming Jackson County Board of Supervisors agenda should be to stop spending taxpayer money on the George County lake project and to not only withdraw support but to issue a resolution opposing the project.

Pure hypocrisy

I would like to echo the letter from Scott McIntosh in Wednesday's Sun Herald expressing embarrassment and shame at our Republican governors' decisions to deny Syrian refugees into their respective states. Hear, hear sir. Whatever happened to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? All of the so-called Christian Republican governors seem to be selective about which teachings their religions tell them to follow. Hypocrisy in its purest definition.

Fear profiteers

President Obama won't beat the war drums for another invasion into the Middle East, setting off a torrent of criticism from the right wing and mainstream media, the Republicans and the military-industrial complex who profit from fear and war.

Expensive slip of paper

It cost me $285 for an office visit to get an order for a mammogram. Not the actual mammogram, mind you, just the office visit to get a piece of paper saying I can get the mammogram. No wonder our health-care system is in trouble.

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, bless you all. Thanks for a job well done. I look forward to reading/sending opinions from Sun Herald's Sound Off to friends.

We're not terrorized

Trump's appeal to xenophobes as been bolstered by the Paris attack. The media keep saying, 'people are frightened by this kind of terror attack.' I say, if Republicans are terrorized, speak for yourselves.

I'm a trend-setter

I have long been ahead of the curve. In recent years, retailers have begun putting Christmas earlier and earlier. By leaving my Christmas decorations up year-round, I started a trend.

Too young to decide

Recent studies indicate today's youth do not mature until age 26. Therefore, is it a good idea to let 17- to 21-year-olds decide how a university is to be operated?