Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 26

Southern sayings?

Get-er-done was used as a word on the Gulf Coast long before Larry the Cable Guy came about. As well as a lot of other sayings. Dr Phil uses some. Maybe a Southern thing?


Please tell me how you vet someone when their entire country has been torn apart? No records and no one to ask. This is an impossible task.


Big shout out to our paper carriers with all those huge sale ads on Thursday.

No refugees

I too am a Veteran and I don't want the Syrian Refugees here on our soil. I see the problems that France and Belgium are having right now. Do you want that here. Think about what you are saying and don't put your country at risk. We don't need another 9/11. Let's keep America safe.

Bad sign

Who are we to judge other people's God? Those at that church should be ashamed of that sign. If you want to preach this in your sermons, do so. But posting such a sign is just plain wrong. We are one nation under God. Period. Last I knew we all have religious freedom in Mississippi and should never be chastised by others for our individual beliefs.