Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 31

Cut funding

The Sun Herald reported that the University of Southern Mississippi has "voted" to remove the Mississippi state flag from all campuses of Southern Mississippi. Well, let's stop state funding. If they do not respect the state flag then stop giving them state funds to operate. This is disrespectful to the state of Mississippi, and is all about being "politically correct."


How about this: Stan Muscial made $125,000 in 1963. Converted to today's dollar he would make $965,509.86. Check out his record and compare it to players of today and see how much they are overpaid.

Message received

It speaks volumes when CNBC instead of continuing coverage of the post-debate, switched coverage to their new show "The Profit."


The Republican candidates seem to have some good plans. What I want to hear is how are they going to get their plans through Congress. That is the bottom line.


I wish to let my opinion on the discarding of our state flag be known. The state flag is a part of our heritage as people who call Mississippi home. I am very unhappy that the authority figures in our universities have bowed to the minority.

Free TV

We too are fed up with cable. We purchased a digital antenna locally and found we receive 9 great stations. If we tried an outdoor antenna we think we might even pick up the stations in New Orleans and Mobile, but we are happy with what we have. We remember the pre-cable days of getting only WLOX so we think nine stations for free is a great deal.

Put it to the voters

My grandson goes to USM and now his school believes it is not part of Mississippi because of the state flag. Poppycock! I say put it to a vote statewide and let the voters decide whether to change it or not. If they decide not to change the flag put it back up or stop any funding the schools.

Something for nothing

Costume stores, beware! Don't take back Witches Hats after Halloween. I work with a woman who isn't very hygenic and was wearing one at work. She kept the tag on it and told me she was going to return it after Halloween. I asked her, even after she had worn it. She didn't answer me. That's what's wrong with people today. Always wanting something for nothing.