Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 30

Great folks!

The police who work in the Driver's License Office in Kiln are wonderful. Ask them what they think of their building and parking lot. I did.

Missing from debate

There is only one thing missing from the presidential debate: an on-off switch for each microphone operated by the moderator.

Change of plans

So, USM decides to take down our state flag, and our university flag. We were planning to go to the game with UTEP Saturday. Not going now.

Please explain

I am no fan of the "rebel" portion of the state flag but how can any state-funded department or agency legally decide to remove the state flag from their premises?

Hold them accountable

The four states that spend less per student than Miss. (Oklahoma, Arizona, Idaho and Utah) all perform better. In fact, Utah and Idaho perform better than the national average. Before spending more money, the taxpayers should be told why performance is so bad, what the school system plans are to improve and hold teachers and administrators accountable for results.

Going down

Interesting fact: Any action taken by Congress to reduce the national debt will be unacceptable to the constituents of either party. Knowing this, no one in Congress is willing to take the necessary actions to reduce the debt, because they know they will not be reelected to office if they do. We are in a debt death spiral.

Job wanted

I need a job! Monday-Friday only. I need a week off for Thanksgiving, two weeks for Christmas, one week for Spring Break, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, MLK Day off, two months for summer break, paid sick leave, state retirement, free college tuition, and I need you to change the State Constitution to guarantee me more money and time off. Any takers?