Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 29

Wrong part of town

Gulfport won't pave Canal Road. It's not in Jones Park or downtown. Think it's time to get rid of that bunch in City Hall yet?

Not my school

So now, Ole Miss has decided to pull our state flag down. One of their excuses is that it hurts their sports recruiting program. I guess they would expect to be #1 in the AP football rankings forever if that awful banner would just go away. One of my daughters went to Ole Miss several years ago. That would not happen now. I bet a lot of Mississippi parents feel the same.

They could do it

Hey, Gulfport. Get the people who refurbished the White House Hotel in Biloxi to takeover the VA site. They did the White House in record time. Didn't have to search for free money, either. It's been two years. It's time to switch gears. Enough of the old excuse, "We're waiting on this and that."

Anyone know?

Does anyone know where I can find an old-time roof antenna? My Cable One bill keeps going up while their programming keeps getting worse. If I could find a roof antenna, I know it would beat what we have now. Whatever happened to some good competition?

One flag

I applaud the students of our universities, Ole Miss and Mississippi State for removing the state flag with the confederate emblem on it. We are under one flag; the one with 50 stars.

Quality, please

I want quality education in Mississippi, but I know full well that "throwing money" at a problem is never the answer. I see the quality of education firsthand when these young people come into our HR office on a daily basis, and it is pretty sad to say the least. I don't totally blame teachers, but these kids are not prepared for life in the real world. I'd like to see where and how new or dedicated revenue is going to be spent before I cast my vote.

Good one

D'Iberville always has an outstanding homecoming. This year was done in such great style, fireworks, bands, flags. The end when young ladies were walking off the field with their dads, the emcee said, "Lets make this a dad and daughter dance." Only one dad heard the request. He started to dance, and his daughter, who didn't hear, walked off to leave him alone. Everyone took that he was just entertaining -- or embarrassing his daughter? Go, dad! Like your guts.