Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 28

Good impression

This is a response to "First Impression" who was complaining about the conditions at the drivers' license office in the Kiln. I drove there from Long Beach back in June to renew my license. I was in and out in 10 minutes. The office personnel were super friendly and courteous. If you have ever been to a DMV office in another state such as California or Pennsylvania, I would think you would find this office very refreshing. It's a real gem in disguise. I will be going there every time from now on.

Go private

I would like to know how those few people at Ole Miss can make the decision to remove the state flag from a state-supported institution. Maybe it's time for the Hotty Toddies to go private.


For all her populist rhetoric against the mega rich and "greedy" Wall Street tycoons, Hillary Clinton has received more donations from Wall Street CEOs than any candidate in the GOP herd. More than 760 of Clinton's presidential donors list their occupation as CEO. But most of you don't care about that. You merely cheer as the parade goes by.

Put it to a vote

So the students at Ole Miss feel our state flag needs to come down. Considering it is a state-funded institution, maybe it should remain until a vote statewide is held. Remove their funding unless the flag is put back up.

No honors

The Rebel flag and the generals that fought under it were enemies of the United States. That's the reason they should be removed; nothing to do with slavery. No reason to memorialize those generals except in history books or on street names.