Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 27

Anyone know?

Does anyone know where to get the good old-fashioned yeast rolls? My hubby had them in Florida with onion and cheese sprinkled on top and he says they are delicious.

Pay no attention . . .

Please use some discretion and stop repeating everything Donald Trump says. I am so tired of hearing him talk. And it seems that the more outrageous things he says, the more coverage he gets.

I disagree

I have to disagree with the reasoning of the Long Beach Police Department about whether to release the name of the Kim Watts' murder suspect. They have already given us the gender of the suspect. Telling us his name puts further pressure on the suspect and may cause others to pressure him to confess.

First impression

If you have never been to the driver's license office in Kiln, you are in for a shock. The place is an embarrassment. New applicants from out of state must think they have moved to a third-world country.

Will it follow?

If the Confederate flag and other symbols are removed, should the American flag and related symbols such as statues of Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln also be removed for what our country did to the Native Americans?

Repave Canal Road

With the BRAC panel review coming in 2017, I hope they don't come to the Seabee Base from Interstate 10 down Canal Road. It is obvious Gulfport does nothing to improve the road, add lighting or stripes. Harrison County recently did its part of the road. Come on, Gulfport! Let's keep our Seabee Base and make improvements.

Another TV option?

Is there television and internet service other than Cable One? I am going to drop Cable One. My bill is $200.56 this month, up $17 since January. That takes a chunk of my Social Security.