Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 25

Thank Obama

Recent ads from the state's Republicans, including the governor, throw out rosy numbers on economic growth, jobs, taxes, you name it. All these numbers are at those levels because of the action and direction of policies pushed for and endorsed by President Barrack Obama.

Tale of two events

In reference to Cruisin' The Coast, traffic during Mardi Gras is always a nightmare. No arrangements are made then for emergency vehicles. I know because I know two people who were trying to get to the hospital by ambulance when roads were closed for Mardi Gras. Also, you never hear complaints about trash during Cruisin', because the Cruisers pick up after themselves, but tons of trash are collected after Mardi Gras at taxpayers' expense.

Don't be fooled

The state legislature has had opportunities for more than a decade to fund public education adequately, and it hasn't done so. Now it wants another chance. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me a dozen times, shame on me. The legislature has proven it will not fund public education adequately unless forced to do so. Therefore, let's create a mechanism to force it to do so. Initiative 42 does this. Please vote for 42. Do not vote for 42A or for "none of the below." And carefully read the first option on that despicably tricky ballot submitted by the legislature. Don't let it fool you into nullifying your vote for 42. Power to the people.