Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 24

Not on the ballot

Jim Hood, news flash. Not everyone wants a hunting dog.

Hate begets hate

When you vote for politicians who hate government, you get more government that you'll hate.


Many thanks to the two Gulfport police officers who helped me out yesterday when my battery died in Sam's Club parking lot. I appreciate this and everything you do.

Good job!

I would just like to thank the Sun Herald for keeping the public informed on issues that I feel would have been overlooked by the public. The proposed dam in George County that would affect the Pascagoula River is the latest. SRH scandal is another. Keep up the good work!

Good for him

Is Gov, Bryant's wife running for office? The ads are great. Just more about her than him. Good to know in his age bracket he made a right choice when he looked for a life partner.

Nothing to see here

After 11 hours of desperate interrogation, no new information about Benghazi came to light. No "got ya" moment occurred. And, Hillary Clinton looked more presidential then ever, in her calm, unflapped, poised demeanor. She walked away smiling.

Please explain

Why does the city of Biloxi dig up roads and then leave them under construction for months? Division Street has been dug up for months and all the side roads are also dug up. Having a truck spread water on the roads or a grader spread the dirt does not make it better. Why not pave one road before starting construction on another?