Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 26


The Kemper County power plant scandal brings suspicion in this election to more than those two PSC members who threw ratepayers under the bus. The governor and legislature could have weighed in on those rate hike decisions ... or maybe they did.

Not a fix

I came to South Mississippi 15 years ago from New Jersey and remember there push to get 42 passed and in a liberal state they did. Little do they want you to know is this will become an amendment and could come with cost of living increases yearly. So since it cannot be cut, other programs will be cut, then taxes will be raised. Once liberals figure out throwing money at a problem has not nor will never fix the country's problems, and the only fix is to address the foolish spending and trim the fat, we would have plenty of money to give our children the best education.

Complicated wording

Thankfully I had a chance to read a sample ballot for the upcoming school funding initiative 42 in the Sun Herald today. The wording selected seems such an obvious attempt to confuse voters with options 42 and 42A, not a simple yes or no vote as one would expect.