Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 23

I object

As a Pascagoula River property owner, I object to any dams on the river system.

Rent too high?

Yes, I see the sign for lease at the Rouse's in Long Beach. Maybe the rent too expensive. Been empty too long.

Bernie was right

Bernie Sanders was absolutely right. People are tired of hearing about Hilary Clinton's emails.

Dangerous Sound Offs

I note that some Sound Offs are very general without specifics. To that I say: all generalizations are dangerous, even this one.

Quit littering

From this article, I'm quoting: "The staggering numbers show just how badly the area needs cleanup every year." I read that and thought the staggering number of people who litter is appalling. Shame on you, whoever you are, dirtying up our beautiful Coast.

Vote on this!

Since Ole Miss students have chosen not to fly the State flag on campus, that choice should come with the state stopping all funding to the school. Vote on that, Legislature.


Regarding the settlement of Singing River Health System, seems like the only one to gain anything from this deal will be the attorneys. It is ludicrous to stick the taxpayers with a bill of $13 million and the lawyers get $6 million of it.

Who will pay?

If the retirees are not paying the $6 million in lawyer fees who is? Taxpayers of state or county? That means every retiree is going to pay. Why are the trustees not accountable for these mistakes and still on the job? Seems it should be a priority that retirees know what they are going to have for income. God Bless the retirees.

Take care of us

Social Security recipients will not get a raise this coming year. We have known for decades that the system is broke, but do not blame the lack of a raise on falling gas prices. This is just another excuse from Washington. I got an idea, why don't we stop writing blank checks to foreign countries and take care of our own first. No American should be hungry or homeless.

Growing problem

The story in Wednesday's paper about the coyote problem is not just an issue we face alone in this state. Several states dropped the bounty they used to pay on these varmints and trappers no longer trap them. Now they have become an epidemic that will only get worse. They multiply like rabbits. It shouldn't be residents responsibility to pay for what the government refuses to pay for. There will be more of this as your environmentalists and animal rights activists do their best to try to fade out old tappers and hunters.