Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 22

No surprise

No matter how much is said about the initiative for schools, we are rated on the bottom and the Legislature didn't fund schools. That will stand out as a big failure of our state legislators. Should be no surprise that we finally are pushing for change.

Top down

The top earners never pay their fair share, because they can afford to pay lawyers and lawmakers to keep the law on their side. The middle class can't do that and the poor have a hard time just existing.

Dad deal

One word for this settlement for SRHS retirees: Outrageous! The only ones to benefit from this will be the attorneys. To even think of making the taxpayers of Jackson County ante-up is just wrong.

State sanctioned

It is my opinion that as long as the current state flag is the official flag of Mississippi, it should be flown over all state universities and colleges. If the flag is removed by a vote of students, then state funding should be withheld.

The answer

To the question: Which store is going in the old Long Beach Rouse's? There is a sign in the window. The store is called "For Lease."

Let's make a deal

Tell you what, "My orders," if you will pay the insurance on the old Kmart location in Long Beach, I will build something there.

Emergency plan

In response to Monday's Sound Off regarding a "contingency plan" for emergency vehicles to get through the congested traffic on U.S. 90 during Cruisin' The Coast, please share this "contingency plan" with all readers. I for one would like to know what miracle could be performed in getting an ambulance, for instance, to a cardiac arrest victim on U.S. 90 in Biloxi. With all four lanes of U.S. 90 bumper-to-bumper creeping traffic, and chairs and tents set up on both sides by spectators, tell me how would it be possible for an ambulance to get through to someone who needed immediate medical attention? It isn't possible, so therefore please share with readers this contingency plan. At least during Black Spring Break, one lane of traffic was left open and therefore an ambulance or fire truck could get through. The Cruisers may bring in a lot of money to the Coast, but all the money in the world is not worth someone losing their life because emergency personnel couldn't get to them in time to save their life. And with Cruisin' The Coast getting bigger and bigger each year, the traffic situation is only going to get worse. City officials are going to have no choice but to leave a lane open for emergency vehicles. And can someone explain why this was not done this year?