Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 21

My orders

Does anybody know what store is going where Rouse's was in Long Beach? Long Beach needs a Taco Bell. Please do something with the empty Kmart lot.

Sad condition

Shame on the Hancock County Board of Supervisors and Diamondhead for closing the East Hancock Library. A library closure speaks to the lack of health of a community.

Important news

If you have the courage, will you please run the Sunday, Oct. 11, article on "The Grass is Greener" on the front page so everybody can see it. I read this article and then comes the news there will be no cost-of-living raise for recipients this year. If we don't wake up and demand changes now, the account working Americans have contributed to for years will be closed.

Please explain

Can anyone tell me why the news media insist on referring to her by her full name, Hillary Rodham Clinton? Why not "Hillary Clinton"? It's not like people don't know who she is. The only plausible explanation is that's the way she will appear on the ballot, and she and her campaign want her referred to in that way to get people used to seeing her name as it will appear.

Careful what you wish for

This may be heresy to the Sun Herald and other supporters, but I have a question. If this passes and the education system is rolling in money and taxes have gone up, what will then be your excuse for lackluster results? I would opine the issue is not so much funding as it is engagement in the education process by parents and society as a whole. Look at the students who excel. Are their parents not involved? Look at the failures -- are not most of those parents disengaged and non-caring?

An educated opinion

I am a white public school teacher in a high-performing school who generally votes for the conservative ticket. I am appalled at the aggressive deception and race-baiting tactics of the Republican leadership to confuse voters on the Initiative 42 vote. If you are on the fence about your decision, take some time to do your homework and talk to any public school educator. We can provide specific examples of how lack of funding for so many years has placed our students behind in almost every aspect of their educational career.