Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 19

Shame on litterers

Glad to read that the Coastal Cleanup was a great success. I had no doubt of the amount of garbage retrieved, only surprised it wasn't more. I've been cleaning up my "adopted" stretch of Pass Christian beach since moving here in April. It's a shame those responsible for treating our coastline like a landfill aren't the ones responsible for cleaning it up. Those with the careless disregard for their own community and those visitors that trash the area do not deserve the use of those amenities. I have to believe that either karma or the good Lord will layeth the smack down on the perpetrators who refuse to crawl out of their entitled mind set.

Noise problem

There exists in west Gulfport a very serious noise problem. Permitted events at the West Side Park, casino parking lot, and Milner Stadium are time-honored, as is the flow of "choo choo" trains rolling along the railroad tracks at all hours. But there is some confusion as to what constitutes breaking the law, i.e., when drivers with their car windows open have their radios or boom boxes full blast. With the so called noise ordinance, where do we draw the line?

Worth the traffic

In response to a Saturday Sound Off, yes, we had more traffic and crowded roadways during Cruisin' but don't fret, all municipalities had a contingency plan in place in case of an emergency. Do you know how great this event is for our Coast? These great cruisers spend millions while visiting and it helps all businesses along the way. The extra traffic we had for one week is the same traffic that places like New Orleans, Atlanta, Jackson, Houston and others see every day.

Public or private

It would be interesting to know how many of our elected state officials who oppose Initiative 42 send or have sent their children to public schools.


To "fiscal perspective," your perspective is not respective of the truth in three ways. First, the COLA that determines change in Social Security payments is being revised to reflect the cost-of-living expenses of senior citizens. Second, Social Security and Medicare reform has never been focused on those already on it but rather for future generations. If change is not done now, our national debt will exceed the ability to pay Social Security or Medicare to them. Third, the "deficit" is just the amount of money spent over and above what has been taken in. Until the "deficit" is zero each year, we are headed for fiscal trouble! Any deficit greater than $1 increases our national debt. When you can tell me Obama has reduced the "debt" I'll respect your perspective!