Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 18

No big words

"Antonymic?" Watch it, Kathleen Parker. Monosyllabic Donald won't know what you mean.

Ways to pay for welfare

It seems to me there are two basic ways to help the poor escape their poverty and material deprivation. The Democratic way is to "pay" for the welfare by increased taxes and increasing the national debt. This stymies economic growth. The conservative way to pay for the welfare is by economic growth and minimizing the need for welfare by training and employment for the poor. The conservative objective for welfare is to move the poor from welfare dependence to economic independence and self worth. Google "Doe Fund" for an example of how this has been done at a local level and how it can be done at the national level.

Tail wagging House dog?

Re: "A chair to fill." I've been harping about this because it's so doggone important. It appears that the tail (the Freedom Caucus) is going to get away with wagging the dog (the U.S. House of Representatives). This will lead to no chance of any good governance coming out of Congress. The people's business gone to the dogs.

Slippery slope

President Obama and Hillary Clinton both vocally support the Australian model for gun confiscation. That directly opposes our Second Amendment, which states the individual right to keep and bear arms is concrete and cannot be abridged. In Australia, the government first made firearm owners register all guns, purportedly to "grandfather" their ownership. However, the government then outlawed them and confiscated all guns.

Some fiscal perspective

To those moaning about the cost-of-living raise on your Social Security: It would only be about $15 anyway. Yes, that is something. But don't blame the president. The House of Representatives holds the purse strings of the country. And get ready because the Republicans are threatening to shut the government down again unless the president signs a bill to cut Social Security and Medicare. By the way, the president has lowered the deficit by $1 trillion without the Republicans' help.

It just takes two

If the basketball referees want a pay increase, then decrease the three-man crew to a two-man crew. They did a better job of officiating when it was only two. With three, oftentimes they stand around waiting for someone else to make the call. The weakest official often is the one in position to make the call but doesn't and the other two let the call go.