Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 17

Reason to leave

People don't leave jobs because of the work. They leave jobs because of the people. Maybe if you treat people better they would stay.

No raise?

No increase for Social Security recipients. I wonder if our do-nothing Congress in D.C. will get their yearly raise even though there is no inflation.

Emergency plans?

Traffic on U.S. 90 during Cruisin' The Coast was a nightmare. It was clear to me that no arrangements were made for emergency vehicles to get through. All four lanes had heavy traffic for miles and moved at a snail's pace. Pass Road was not much better. Did anyone planning this huge event consider how emergency vehicles would get through all the congestion?


After reading the McNamara cheerleader piece on the Democrat debate, I can only conclude that the "analyst" couldn't decide whether she wanted to write a puff piece for Teen Beat or an ad for Hillary and decided to mash them together into one. Maybe next time she can focus on the non-answers, wornout platitudes and the ducking and dodging of questions.

Hope and change?

According to a recent Letter to the Editor, both Reagan and Bush doubled the national debt with their tax plans. Well I hate to give you a news flash, but we have just had seven years with the Democrats, and Obama doubled the deficit past Reagan and Bush combined. How is that hope and change working out for you? Put another Democrat in the White House? Einstein would say, "Are you kidding with me?"

Out of our hands

I am one of those "global warming" skeptics. I always say "follow the money" for the real answer. The Earth has gone through climate cycles since it was formed -- some lasting hundreds if not thousands of years. Even if I came to a neutral stance on the subject it really means little when compared to the everyday threats we face right now. Be a good steward of our resources but let's concentrate on the here and now. Some things are just beyond man's control.

No SS increase?

Senior citizens 65 and older are going to be deprived of a cost-of-living increase from Social Security with everything else going up? Is the reason so everyone enjoyed the luxury of low gas prices? SS, let's cut all your employees' checks to $600 or $1,300 a month. If this doesn't put a fire under all senior citizens' families, nothing will. Where is AARP? Sixty-five million senior citizens, vote for change with Social Security. Get corrupt political candidates out. It's your benefits. Shame on the system.