Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 16

Freshly mowed

I invite those who prefer mowed highways to wildflowers to take a ride on U.S. 49 between Lyman and Saucier. It's now mowed and a trashy mess.

Spread the word

For everyone: "PIPES (Perseverance + Initiative + Prayer + Effort = Success). Spread it to the world.

Place for flowers

Please. If you want to enjoy the flowers, plant them in your own backyard. There is nothing but weeds in the median and roadside.

Good gas stations

Kudos to Murphy Express and Kangaroo Shell in Ocean Springs. Before, during and after Crusin' their gas prices stayed the same at $1.82. Greed could have entered the picture.


A "good" Democratic presidential debate? Surely you jest. No hardball questions nor responses about foreign affairs or how they intend on paying for all this "free stuff" they love to pander to the "gimme" masses? Give me a break.

No debate about it

You couldn't really call Tuesday night's supposed CNN Democratic Debate a debate unless you describe it as a debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Anderson Cooper directed most of the questions to those two and moreso left the other three "debaters" just standing there.

Keep it up

Gulfport has a marvelous industrial district, which provides many jobs for the citizens of Harrison County. For some reason nobody seems to be responsible for the upkeep of the roadsides and road surfaces. It is nice to have everything pretty for the Cruisin' The Coast people but what about the bread and butter of our working-class people. It is difficult to attract light industry and heavy industry to an area that looks unkempt and the roads are very bumpy. This is in the city limits of Gulfport and the Harrison County Development Commission should not have to carry the burden of up keeping the roads.