Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 15


The Southern thing is to be considerate. The Rebel flag is inconsiderate.

My vote goes to

I just finished watching the Democratic debate last night on CNN. My answer is still: None of the above.

Confusing the issue

I just voted an absentee ballot and found out just how confusing the state officials have made it for those who want to support Initiative 42. I am appalled at how deceptive our state Legislature has acted in this regard.

Real debate

As an independent, I thoroughly enjoyed the Democratic debate. It was a real debate in comparison to the joke Republican debate. There were no personal attacks, just debate on tough U.S. and global issues.


I saw veteran journalist Cokie Roberts on MSNBC say that "Hillary knows everything about every issue." Such effusive praise cannot be deemed objective reporting or even opinion after careful analysis. Even Hillary said of her email scandal that she really doesn't know how to use computers and mobile devices. Cokie is a fan, not a reporter.

Be grateful

In reply to the Sound Off about returning gas prices to pre-Cruisin' The Coast levels, I just returned from a fall foliage road trip to Ohio where gasoline was around $2.68 a gallon (and they were thrilled about that). When I got off the expressway here last night and saw prices at $1.93/gallon, I realized just how good we have it on the Gulf Coast. We may not have beautiful fall colors here, but we do have reasonable gasoline prices. Be grateful.

Get some exercise

The hospital here in Bay St. Louis has a wonderful walking track. My husband and I have been using it two or three times a week at various times of the day. It seems like fewer people use the track now than in previous years, even with the cooler fall weather. Why is this? Busier lives, maybe. We walk for our health, but last weekend it was a special treat to see the Cruisers going by on U.S. 90. Visit the track, people. Walking is the best exercise.

Retirement problem

People of the last generation did live off Social Security, but they lived very carefully and many owned simple homes. It is not possible to do that anymore and the problem is that companies no longer give retirement checks, jobs often don't pay enough to allow payments into savings and people are living longer than ever. We have a large number of people that through no fault of their own, are going to have to work much longer and when they can't continue working they will need something to help them get by. This is a problem for our whole country that needs to be solved.