Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 14

Enjoy the flowers

I would bet that more people would rather see the beautiful yellow flowers on the roadside than the manicured roadside. They only last a short time so let's enjoy them while they do bloom.

Thanks, BSL

Want to thank the Hancock Tourism Bureau and staff for another wonderful job well done for Cruisin' in Bay St. Louis. We'll be back next year.

Roll back the prices

Come on, guys. Cruisin' is over. All the pretty, low-milage cars and trucks are gone. Put gas prices back down where they belong.


Well, well. Another bunch of outsiders have come to our state to tell us what to do about our state flag. Y'all go home, now. Y'hear?

Refocus efforts

Obama needs to show less leadership on climate change and more on foreign affairs. If he doesn't, I suspect things are going to heat up a lot faster and be more unsettled than any of his "settled scientists" predict.

Not the cloth

It's all about the money. I am so tired of hearing about changing the state flag. Some think this piece of cloth is causing division amongst us. I have news for you, it's not the cloth, it's the mean people that our society is growing.

Thanks, Woody

Once again Woody Bailey and his staff have made the Coast proud. Cruisin' The Coast was a huge success, and it allows us all to look back in time and reminisce about the good ole days. The event lets families walk around and see the old cars and not spend a dime. Where else can you go as a spectator and see so much history and not have to pay an admission charge? We are so fortunate to have this event at so many venues; I wish we had more events like this through the year. Thank you, Mr. Bailey, for a job well done. Can't wait to see what next year brings.

Two thoughts

As a man who proudly calls Mississippi home, here are my thoughts about our state flag. To one group of my friends that flag represents a way of life that includes floating the river, hunting, fishing and just having a grand old time. To another group of my friends that flag represents hate, slavery, rape and not having human rights in a way that I as a Caucasian can never imagine being without. We should not allow any piece of cloth that causes my friends such pain to fly in a place of honor above our government buildings. A flag that represents the state should represent everyone. (My personal choice is a simple flag with a magnolia flower on it.)