Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 13

A Southern thing

I drove down U.S. 90 Saturday with my 10-year-old daughter, who wanted to look at the cars. There were thousands of people of all races, and I did not notice any police during my drive. It looked like everyone was having a great time. Many Rebel flags were flying. It is a Southern thing. Leave the flag alone.

Sad sight

It saddened me today to ride by the Jackson County courthouse this afternoon and see there was no flag flying.

Competition, please

If the famed SEC would play a tougher schedule out of conference, they would be a lot higher in the weekly polls or perhaps it would show true their deficiencies? Quit scheduling cupcakes.


The cruisers can fly whatever just as you do. It's called freedom of choice, freedom of speech.

Bad reception

Come on, Cable One. One of the closest channels has the worst signal. WLOX frequently has interrupted video and audio making it difficult to watch. Since it is the only ABC affiliate offered, it is maddening trying to watch the news or entertainment. None of the other HD channels break up like this.

Cruisin' extension

My wife suggested that Cruisin' The Coast be two weeks long instead of one because of the tremendous economic impact. I suggested, instead, rather than have so much more traffic congestion for an additional week, extend Cruisin' to include two weekends, thus making it 10 days long yet not interfering with extra weekday business traffic.

Retirement plan

Another story bemoaning the fact that people can't live on a Social Security benefits. When are people going to realize that this is true and the intent of the benefit is to supplement other retirement income? I receive the highest possible benefit at full retirement age and there is no way I could live on that alone. People need to either have employment that earns a pension and/or contribute to some kind of retirement account.