Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 12

Thank you

In our automated world, isn't it nice to get a person who can make things right? During the recent change over to Cable One's new digital system, somehow the name on my Cable One account reverted to my deceased husband's name. I couldn't change it but a nice representative got it done. Thank you kind lady!

Near the limit

Has anyone given thought to the increasing traffic problems with Cruisin'? It's obvious that we are approaching the limit as to what our roads can handle. I hate to see what it's like with ten thousand cars? Maybe organizers can split Cruisin' into spring and fall sessions? Things would be a lot easier on the locals and the cruisers. Any other ideas out there?

Welcome assimilation

Immigrants have assimilated into American culture and have made it better by their presence. I think that the combination of all these cultures is greater than the sum of the separate cultures.

Flag-flyers ignored

A few of those flag-flyers got in the way of our viewing a few awesome cruisers, but for the most part we (like everyone else) ignored them.

Smoke-free bingo?

I love playing bingo but can't stand the cigarette smoke and have asthma. Are there any places that have bingo that are smoke free?

No free ride

Why does our government give the U.S. taxpayers money to citizens of other countries that come here with the sole purpose of collecting "free money and benefits?" I don't care whether you are elderly, had a hard life in another country, or want a better life for yourself. If you aren't a U.S. citizen that contributed to the system, you shouldn't be able to receive a single penny of U.S. taxpayer money.

Mow it

To "Let flowers bloom," this is why the medians and rights of way are overgrown. Some people like the pretty yellow flowers. Well, I suggest you plant them in your yards and let your yards get overgrown. I think it's an eyesore and the grass should be mowed. Just because you marvel at the pretty little flowers doesn't mean everybody else does.

Move over

Don't get me wrong. I think that Cruisin' The Coast is wonderful. However, I have witnessed behavior by a few that at best could be considered thoughtless and at worst selfish. Early in the morning I ride my bicycle for several miles along the beach walk. Since the middle of Curisin' week I have noticed people setting up canopies and tables that block much of the walkway. I had to dismount and squeeze through. But perhaps Cruisin' officials and the local media could suggest cruisers and spectators alike to be courteous of others.