Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 11

So proud

Hats off to the Ocean Springs Middle School choir! They have been chosen to perform at Carneige Hall in New York City in June. Let's show our support to these students and help fund their expenses for this experience of a lifetime. We are so proud of you!

Cruisers a treat

What a story on Mr./Mrs. Drango's cruiser on the Coast. Proves age is just a number. It's a treat for us to have the Cruisers in our area. Don't complain, what would be here if they weren't? Thank You Cruisers for visiting! Please come again bring more family and friends.

Rising water

A South Carolina 'climate change denier' group had to adjourn their meeting early, when they were forced to relocate to the roof of the building by rapidly rising flood water.

Let flowers bloom

Much has been written lately about mowing the highway medians. In some places, I'm sure it's a good thing and is appropriate, as long as the trash is picked up first. There are, however, many patches of beautiful wild flowers, especially yellow daisies, in bloom right now, they should be left alone. Many states plant wild flowers along their highways to enhance the natural beauty and save money on mowing.

Not just cancer

October is also Pregnancy And Infant Loss Awareness Month. Break the silence for all those babies that were born sleeping and have no voice. Speak about the subject, 1 in 4 is not a statistic, its me!

Many on Obamacare

Doctors, clinics and hospitals just ask for the name of your health insurance, they don't know or care how you bought your insurance. So saying "no one accepts marketplace insurance" is pants-on-fire false! Actually 30,000 Mississippians bought and are using "Obamacare!"

Double standard

The double standard in America has reached the point of being nauseating. If in 2008, anyone would have written an article about Obama like the one GQ magazine published about Ben Carson, they would have been branded a racist, fired and their magazine shut down, and rightly so.