Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 10

Great Cruisin' event

As a Cruiser, we come every year and Diamondhead was very friendly and well-arranged experience. Very easy to get around and enjoyed the music and people. Thank you so much for making our day.

Term limits

Politicians who say they believe in term limits should practice what they preach. Locally, there are 20-year plus politicians in office, and they want more. Voters have seen how these seasoned politicians turn out. Just examine your city and county officials who overstay.

Blame Joaquin

The flooding in South Carolina had nothing to do with climate change. It was the constant plume of moisture coming from hurricane Joaquin that caused it. Enjoy your a/c and satellite TV.

What a waste

With the cost of medications what they are today, it's mind-boggling to think of how much money was wasted on the over 702 thousand pounds of unwanted and unused drugs turned in nationally on Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.

Tough commute

You can't tell me that the city of Biloxi didn't know Cruisin' The Coast was coming before they had the bright idea of taking Pass Road down to one lane going west. I love Cruisin' The Coast but our city sure has made it tough on the locals to get to work.

Good news

Just made my daily visit to the National Hurricane Center on my computer and saw the Atlantic and Gulf totally clear of any signs of a storm with the beautiful message: "Tropical Cyclone activity not expected during the next 48 hours" boldly written across the map. At this point in the season, I think we made it through 2015 gang. Hallelujah!