Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 8


I sent a Sound Off last week about the bushes being cut on Courthouse Road in front of Hancock Bank. I was there yesterday, and they were cut. Sure makes a difference. Thank you, City of Gulfport (or the owner) for doing this so quickly.

Gas prices

Anyone else notice that gas jumped up at least 15 cents over night? Right in time for the Cruisin' The Coast. The price of oil and retail price of gas on the market has seen very little change in the last several weeks. Nice job, guys, on welcoming our visitors.

Clean up

Just crossed the Biloxi bridge to Ocean Spring. The trash on the Biloxi side is horrible. Thought the city was wanting to put on a good face for cruisers? City crews need to include the bridge when picking up trash.

Global warming?

Climate change/global warming? Think I'll sit here in front of my air conditioner, with some iced tea from the refrigerator freezer, watching the floods in the Carolinas on my satellite reception and contemplate becoming one of them science deniers.

Damaged goods

Before striping Canal Road north of Landon the county needs to repave it after all of the damage done to it during the installation of water pipes. The road is in worse shape than the section south of the tracks that was repaved in September.

Good police

When Ja'naya Thompson went missing, I watched as Gulfport Police went all out to find her. Many officers volunteered to work over until she was found. Many worked 24 hours straight and some 36 hours, then got an hour or two of sleep and went back to work. There should be no question about if lives matter to police. Those officers didn't ask for thanks, they did what any decent person would. They deserved to be recognized.

I was snookered

I was able to obtain health insurance thru the Health Market and the company is one of the largest in the country. I thought it was great insurance, something I had not been able to afford for over eight years. Today I was trying to find a primary care physician on the Coast and quickly learned that nobody on the Coast takes the marketplace insurance. I even called the county-owned hospital, and they said they did not take health market insurance. That doesn't make sense. I can walk into that hospital without insurance and get the treatment I need even if I have no money, but they won't take insurance that will actually pay the bill. I need answers about this great plan that the president claims is a success. Wasn't he the one who said you could keep your physician or go to any doctor you wanted?