Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 7

Pay attention

When you're speeding, talking on a cellphone, tailgating, not using a turn signal, weaving in and out of traffic and cutting people off, you're being reckless.

Lights, please

The monstrous flow of traffic on Crossroads Parkway makes it nearly impossible for people to exit the Crossroads Shopping Center. We need traffic lights.

Other side?

Diamondhead has a new road where the old cracked up one used to be. It sure is nice and Diary Queen and the Red Zone must be happy along with all of the residents. Now how about the shopping center on the other side the roads there are just poorly laid out and some in disrepair.

Gets my vote

How do you know what to do? Candidate A is constantly putting down candidate B. B is constantly putting down A. Politicians are clueless. All I want to hear from you is what you are going to do or at least try to do. I do not want you "fighting" for me, I want you "working" for me to make our district, state or country better than it is. Slam your opponent and you will not get my vote. The candidate who does not slam his opponent will be the one who gets my vote.

Compromise is inherent

Our government was designed to require cooperation and compromise within the legislative branches, between those branches and between each of them and the executive branch.

It is not spelled-out in the constitution, but is inherent in the form that the constitution mandates. How could a legislative body diverse in background, gender, education and race, accomplish anything without cooperation and compromise?