Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 6

Solomon solution

How about we change the time one more time on Nov. 1. Go forward or backward just a half hour and then leave it alone forever. Compromise!

Great show

The Zonta Arts and Crafts day gets better every year. My friends and I from Mobile have enjoyed it for many years. Keep up the good work ladies!

Good news, bad news

The good news: NASA has discovered water on Mars. The bad news: the EPA has designated Mars as wetlands. There will be no further exploration.

Anyone know?

Does anyone know if there are any plans to re-stripe Canal Road in Gulfport. Very dangerous driving especially north of Landon Road.

Fun for all

The Zonta Arts and Crafts event was definitely a family destination place. There was something special for all ages. We rode the shuttle bus and saw children all excited about the free pony rides and a 91-year-old mom and her son enjoying an ice cream cone. This event was worth the drive from Alabama. Kudos to Mississippi for providing a family-oriented celebration.

Unjust tax

The dictionary offers many definitions of the word "fair." Among them includes the definition, "just." The conservatives wish to name their proposed "tax on consumption," the "fair tax." Don't be fooled, there is nothing "just" about replacing our progressive income tax, with the proposed "fair tax."

Love the sinner . . .

Our secular progressive world asks me to be politically correct and love everything everybody does. My God asks me to be spiritually correct and love everyone, no matter what they do, even if it is against what God wants them to do. So I end up loving everybody, but I don't necessarily love what they do. As a Christian, I am therefore not a hater of people. I do hate anything they do that is against God's will for them.

Income inequality

If you think you are a victim of income inequality, look at your productivity, the value that you add to your company's product or service. Compare your productivity to the productivity of your co-workers, who are being paid more. It may just be that you need to improve your performance. If you do that and you are still paid less, then and only then do you truly have income inequality. A company doesn't pay you just to show up for work. They pay for the value you add to the company's product or service.