Sound Off


Priced out of the market

To “The way we were” re: Republicans bent on destroying unions. You properly cite that unions have been a big factor in improving workers’ safety and health in the work place. But, you don’t say anything about how unions have destroyed private companies such as General Motors and Chrysler by their demands for more than equitable wages and benefits. You don’t say anything about the incompetent union workers that are impossible to fire. Why do you think a lot of union companies need bailouts, go out of business or go overseas for their employees? It is because the cost of labor has gone beyond what will enable the company to be competitive in the marketplace without raising prices. When they do raise prices, it gets into my “non-union billfold” and that is not right nor moral, especially when the union worker gets a pension that is three times mine.

Best solution

There has been two weeks now of Sound Offs on what to do about leaves and not one person has mentioned the smartest, easiest, most efficient and environmentally friendly solution — compost them. They are like gold. Just rake them over into a pile and in a year you will have black gold. How much smarter that is than burning them and polluting the air with smoke while you run off to the big-box store in your SUV to buy plastic bags of compost trucked in from across the country? If you want to make others happy, bag them for your gardening neighbors. My husband and I collect hundreds of bags of leaves every year from the side of the road or from friends who bring them to us. We mulch with them, we compost them, we can’t get enough of them. Don’t, for God’s sake, burn them. What a polluting waste.

Worn out saying

I’m tired of hearing the phrase “at the end of the day.” I guess people (especially politicians) think it says something or is “cool” to say. Stop being robots and use something original, folks. You might wanna print this, by the end of the day.

Stop before you cross

At Pass Christian’s Henderson Point’s railroad crossing there is a sign that reads “No Train Horn.” Hope the people flocking to the beach in the summer are careful.

I’ve heard it all now

Drivers hitting delinquent trash cans? I’ve heard it all now. Somebody has their concerns crossed up. Heaped upon lazy citizens who don’t promptly save their neighborhoods, we now have a stupid driver problem. When they hit your lazy trash can, call the cops and turn in the tag number.

Words of wisdom

It’s true, education is expensive, but ignorance is unaffordable.