Sound Off

Sound Offs for April 18

Just give me gas

As most drivers have noticed, most all gas stations are selling fuel with 10 percent ethanol, and I read recently that percentage may be increased. My 2011 Sonata has a warning that more than 10 percent may be harmful. Does anyone know of any stations in the Gulfport area that are selling 100 percent gasoline? I will happily pay more for a superior product that gives better mileage, will not harm the vehicle, is more “green” than ethanol-laced fuel, and does not increase food prices.

Everyday hassles

Regarding traffic on the Gulf Coast: I would much rather drive in the once-a-year Biloxi Spring Break traffic than the daily traffic nightmare on Highway 90 in Ocean Springs. Can’t, please, someone fix the time sequence of these traffic lights to better move the flow of traffic. If the aim is to slow traffic down, they have been extremely successful.

Slow going

The Sun Herald article about Jeff Davis being backed up these days after the new construction is correct. There are three stop signs in a six-block area slowing Long Beach’s main thoroughfare to a crawl. The signs were a good idea back when there was a school there before Katrina. Now I think the stop signs are there just for old times’ sake.

Transparency please

Wow! Have the mayor and aldermen (save one) lost their senses? In a time when the citizens around the country are pushing for more transparency they put severe restrictions on city employee communications with the media. The media provides citizens our vision into what is happening. The mayor and three of the four aldermen are sure giving us the impression that they are hiding something — and they had the gall to discuss it in a closed session! As the saying goes, I smell something and it is not good. Is there not some legal way to call these folks before a judge to disclose the nature of their secret discussions on this particular subject? There is nothing about this subject that justifies secret discussions.

Lighter dangers

People who use disposable cigarette lighters beware! I left mine out in the sun for a few hours, then when I went to use it, it was leaking, apparently from the heat! Reckon what would have happened it I’d ignited it? I didn’t try to find out!