Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 11, 2019

Voters speak

Mississippi voters have spoken. They love their state just the way it is: poor, sick and uneducated.

God help us?

This is in response to “God help us all” about the governor-elect running the state like President Trump. Yes, creating jobs, the lowest unemployment in decades, stocks are up, tax cuts for middle class and a great economy. Yes, God help us all if that should happen.

Don’t understand

The congressional chairman of Homeland Security is critical of law enforcement arresting “illegal aliens?” Whose side is he on? The very definition of his job is to provide security for the homeland.

Great president

The reason why a Republican was elected governor is the Democrats are destroying this country. Would you rather be 50th or suffer the future with socialism? Even worse, a Democratic congresswoman bartender that can’t understand what the constitution says. Hope you live five more years so you can see what a great president can do for this country.

Waking up

Mississippi Republicans have controlled the governor’s office, state House and Senate only since 2012, for the first time since reconstruction. Please research this for yourself. So, yes. Mississippians have finally woken up.

Action needed

In response to the Sound Off that wanted the BP money to go to paving Pass Road, I think the majority of the money should go to addressing the Popp’s Ferry Bridge crisis. The draw is stuck open several times a week, which is not only inconvenient, it could be life threatening. Also, if there is a need to evacuate, that bridge is not dependable. It is not only time to fix the draw, but replace the bridge. Our public officials need to stop talking about it and actually do it.

Independent thinker?

In 2015, the Urban Institute reported that Mississippi had the highest past-due medical debt in the country because of its high uninsured rate. Mississippi also has the highest percentage of families living in poverty in the nation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Things have not changed much since then and now we have another Republican governor that was part of the problem. Is he smart enough to bring this state up from the bottom or is he a puppet to Trump? Time will tell, but he doesn’t seem like much of an independent thinker.

Spending money

How about instead of spending money in the Middle East, we spend our money making Central America countries safe for its citizens? I’m sure it would help immigration problems and most all Americans would support it.

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